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Natural Remedy for Period Pain

Natural Remedy for Period Pain

Does your monthly cycle arrive smoothly and without symptoms?

When we have asked this question before, 100% of women answered “no.”

Your menstrual cycle is an expression of your health.

When your body is healthy your cycle will arrive smoothly, regularly and without symptoms.

Sadly, our culture has made it “normal” to have symptoms like PMS including mood swings, cramps, pain, fatigue, bloating, pimples, breast tenderness, food cravings, etc.

This should NOT be considered “normal” and NO woman should have to suffer from month to month.

A common recommendation to reduce symptoms is to put women on the contraceptive pill. Unfortunately, this is a bandaid approach and does not actually heal the underlying problem.

What we need to be taught is that symptoms are signs from the body that things are out of balance and your health needs attention.

I had my own journey to heal my body from debilitating periods and an autoimmune disorder called endometriosis. During my healing journey I learned about the amazing power of the body and how it can heal and be symptom free if given holistic care on all levels: physical, nutritional, and emotional.

I am now grateful for my healing journey from endometriosis because it brought me to where I am today; healthy, happy, symptom free and in a career I love. I am now a holistic healthcare practitioner supporting and guiding women, children and families to heal their bodies naturally.

As a past endometriosis sufferer, I know how debilitating menstrual pain can be. That is why it was so important for us at Aligned Health Co. to create a remedy that is 100% natural to support women during their monthly cycle to provide some symptom relief.

Our Menstrual Support blend offers you a natural remedy to effectively help relieve menstrual symptoms both physical and emotional. It contains 100% pure essential oils and is free from any synthetic fragrances or other hormone disrupting chemicals.

This blend temporarily relaxes spasms and cramps and reduces pain associated with your menstruation or ovulation. It helps to calm feelings of moodiness, irritability and being overly sensitive due to your cycle.

You can apply this blend every 20 minutes during acute symptoms.

The Menstrual Support blend was not only designed to help reduce your menstrual symptoms but also to encourage you to honour your body’s natural rhythm of life. When we honour this part of ourselves, we can reclaim our connection to our sacred, creative and feminine power that lies within.

The Menstrual Support blend can also be used as your daily PERFUME as it smells divine. Traditional perfumes are loaded with chemicals and can play havoc with your hormones You can feel confident using our Menstrual Support blend on a daily basis because it’s toxic free and supportive to your health and wellbeing.

The Menstrual Support blend provides access to an effective and supportive tool for your next cycle. Or try the popular Women’s Wellness Collection which includes the Menstrual Support blend along with two other life-enhancing blends, the Calm & Balanced and Adrenal Support Blends, that are must haves for every women.

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