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Emotional Support For School Children

Emotional Support For School Children

How has this year started out for your kids? Was it a smooth transition going back to school?

For children, every school year brings transition, new experiences and stepping out of their comfort zone. They transition into a new school or classroom, stand in front of their class or school to give a speech, presentation or a performance, prepare and take part in exams, etc.  During these times, children can feel big emotions such as nervousness, overwhelm, anxiety, and fear. Many times these emotions can arise in the morning when getting ready for school or on the way to school. With limited time and space to help support your child with their emotions, here are some quick and effective tips and tricks they can do before drop off.

  1. Have your child name their emotions, then validate their emotions
    It’s important for us to talk about emotions and feelings with our children and normalise them. We are emotional beings and it’s normal for us to feel lots of different feelings during a day, let alone throughout a school term. It’s important for us as parents to help our children become aware of the emotions they are feeling and validate them. We can then teach them that they do not have to carry or hold onto these emotions all day and can teach them ways to release them.
  2. Have them apply the Calm & Balanced kid blend
    This blend is comprised of five pure essential oils that help to soothe and calm your child’s emotions. This blend can be applied to their chest, inside of wrists, back of neck and feet. If needed, it can be applied every 20 minutes to assist them in feeling a sense of calm and balance within.
  3. Have them do the First Aid Stress Tool (FAST)- by NET (Neuro Emotional Technique)
    a. Place one of your wrists (palm up) into your other hand. Using three fingers of the bottom hand, gently contact the 3 pulse points that are located on the “thumb” side of the palm-up wrist. Note: The three fingers should be lined up next to each other with the pointer finger just below the crease of the wrist.
    b. Place the palm-up hand across your forehead and then gently breathe in and out a few times while concentrating on breathing out the “feeling” of distress (their emotion they named) and breathing in calmness.
    c. Change hands and do steps A and B with the 3 pulse points on the other wrist and repeat the breaths. This procedure can be repeated as often as needed to help most stressful situations. *

Check out this video to learn how to do the FAST.

Our Calm & Balanced kid blend is handy to have in your child’s school bag or your handbag for when they need that extra support. This blend is also part of our Everyday School Care Collection. Our roller blends are quick and easy to apply and are well received by children, who also enjoy applying the oils to themselves. Our essential oil roller blends can be a win-win for both parent and child as they are an easy to use, on-the-go natural remedy to support health and wellbeing.

* If stress symptoms persist, seek a practitioner.

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