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Aligned Health Co. was created with a vision of supporting a new age of health and wellbeing where people are empowered to live in a state of natural alignment, feeling deeply connected to their physical and emotional bodies and capable of managing their own health and wellbeing.

After having my first child, I became conscious of the importance of using all-natural household and hygiene products. Pure, organic and deeply therapeutic, essential oils were a no brainer for me as a natural health practitioner. My collection grew as I experienced the benefits of the oils, and, after a life-changing incident at my daughter’s party I knew I had to share their healing qualities with others.

My daughter’s first birthday party started out as a fun gathering of friends and family that quickly went downhill. I was feeling particularly proud of the gluten and dairy free cake with cashew frosting that I had created, and after we finished singing ‘Happy Birthday’, I waited for her to taste it. She refused. I tried again to feed her a small piece but she pushed it away, accidently smearing some of the cashew frosting on her hands before wiping it on her face and neck. Almost immediately, her face and neck began to swell up and it became clear that she was having an allergic reaction. Concerned that her airway could close, we rushed her to the shower, rinsing the area to reduce the inflammation. When that didn’t work, my husband suggested that I use my knowledge of essential oils. “Ding!” The light bulb switched on. With my knowledge of oils and Applied Kinesiology testing, I was able to apply the best essential oil that could help her neck and face. Within minutes, the swelling was gone and there was hardly a sign of her allergic reaction. 

"Aligned Health Co. products are designed to empower you by providing access to powerful therapeutic remedies that support your health and wellbeing and assist in restoring your body to its natural state of alignment."

From that day on, I was well and truly sold on the power of essential oils. Looking back, I am also grateful that my daughter’s intuition kicked in and stopped her from taking a bite of the cake!

After that, I began to incorporate essential oils into my treatments with clients, with magical results. This led me to create pure essential oil roller blends that I knew would be safe, user-friendly and deeply effective for my clients to use on a daily basis. As more and more people began to request our oil blends, I knew it was time to make them available to everyone.

Aligned Health Co. products are designed to empower you by providing access to powerful therapeutic remedies that support your health and wellbeing and assist in restoring your body to its natural state of alignment.

The methodology behind the creation of our roller blends is what makes Aligned Health Co. so unique. Each blend is crafted using my practitioner knowledge of the body, organs and emotions along with Applied Kinesiology techniques to test and create the most effective combination of oils for our blends. I then work with my beautiful friend and talented aromatherapist, Holly Mills Lynch, to further refine the blends. There is real intention behind every powerful combination on a physical and emotional level.

Dr Alison Parsons, DC making Aligned Health Co. essential oil blends

Professionally, I use the Aligned Health Co. essential oil blends with clients to help them with physical and emotional symptoms that could include anything from chronic pain and inflammation to anxiety and grief. The blends are also a supportive tool for clients going through the integration process after a big emotional release such as deep sadness, grief, anxiety, and fear.

Personally, I use the oil blends daily to support myself as a practitioner. The blends protect and boost my immune system as well as keeping me focused and able to work with my clients’ energies, emotions and physical symptoms without being deeply affected by them.

It has been so comforting as a mum and practitioner to know that I am using a pure, 100% natural product to support the health of my children, clients and myself. I feel excited to share these powerful remedies so you can feel confident in supporting your own family’s health and wellbeing on a deep level.

Dr Alison Parsons, DC
Owner, Aligned Health Co.

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